Glasgow Wealth offer comprehensive, independent financial advice and planning services to individuals, families and businesses throughout Scotland and the United Kingdom.

We provide personalised financial advice and planning services that cover all areas of your financial life. For example, savings & investments; insurance & protection; pensions & retirement; and inheritance & estate planning.

One area we specialise in is Financial Planning for Retirement. This includes pensions advice, defined benefit (final salary) pension transfers, inheritance planning and tax planning. Read more

Regardless of what services you choose to engage us for, you will receive a written report from your adviser formalising our recommendations and the reasons for them.

Our fees are completely transparent and vary depending on the work we undertake on your behalf. Your financial adviser will make you aware of the cost you may expect ahead of carrying out any work for you. We recommend to all clients that we continue to meet regularly (at least annually) in order to review the performance of your financial plans and ensure that they remain in line with the benchmarks you have set.

You may be unsure if speaking to a financial adviser would be beneficial for you. That’s why we offer a free initial consultation – giving you the opportunity to talk to an expert adviser and get a clear idea of how you may benefit from financial advice.

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