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Are you Self-employed or a Business Owner?

Specialist advice on Pensions, Mortgages & Protection for Business Owners & the Self-employed…

Those who are self-employed or who own their own businesses, face distinct challenges and opportunities when planning their own personal finances.

Many of our clients are either Business Owners or are Self-employed – and so we are experienced in helping guide them through these challenges to help them achieve their financial and retirement objectives. Common enquiries that we receive revolve around Pensions, Mortgages and Protection:

Pensions for Business Owners & Self-employed

Common questions we are asked include: what pension options do I have; what are the pro’s and con’s of funding my pension through my business? What are the tax benefits if I pay into a pension? Am I able to purchase property with my pension?

Pension plans in the UK are arguably one of the most tax efficient savings methods for UK citizens. Any contributions that you make receive tax relief…

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Mortgages for Business Owners and Self-employed

Common questions include: what pension options do you have; what are the pro’s and con’s of funding your pension through your business?

Being self-employed can have its perks. It often allows for flexibility in working hours and a sense of satisfaction that perhaps is unmatched when employed. How does being self-employed affect you being able to secure a mortgage for your home?…

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Protection for Business Owners and Self-employed

As a business owner, how can you protect you, your business and your family e.g. if  you or a key person became critically ill. What types of Business Protection are available to you and what are the benefits in arranging through your business.

A business owner, or a key individual involved in the running of a business, knows only too well the pressures on their shoulders of ensuring that their business remains profitable. From the strategic decisions that have to be made behind closed doors to the daily reactive nature of the role, not to mention the technical knowledge required of whatever industry that they operate in.

What would happen to the business if one of these people were to die? Who would step up to that role?…

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