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Tax Advice & Wealth Structuring: Your expert adviser will combine potent tax advice and financial planning in order that you may benefit from the best possible tax and investment outcomes.

Tax efficiency is one of the most important aspects of modern financial planning. With headline rates of income tax at 45%, capital gains tax at 28% and inheritance tax at 40% it is well-worth structuring assets in such a way as to minimise you exposure to tax on assets which you have already paid tax on when earned.

We are often approached by clients of other advisers – usually private banks or stockbroker-led services – where little consideration has been given to the tax ramifications when constructing an investment portfolio. As investment advisers, we work hard to earn growth and income for client portfolios; we want to make sure that this stays in the hands of the owner.

Wealth structuring with tax-efficiency in mind is what we do very well. If you feel that you are paying too much tax or believe that your wealth could be more tax-efficient, let us offer you our opinion on the matter.

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