Flexi Access Drawdown

Income drawdown offers a flexible alternative to annuity purchase at retirement. With annuities, the pension fund is essentially exchanged with an insurer for the right to lifetime income. With Flexi Access Drawdown, the pension fund remains invested and income is drawn-down as required. This offers more flexibility which may be desirable for a variety of reasons. For example, perhaps income is not required immediately, to defer annuity purchase until a later date or to allow higher income to be taken in the early years of retirement.

With pension drawdown investment risk remains to the extent that the fund remains invested. As such, there is the potential for the capital value of the fund to drop and correspondingly, future income payments may also be inhibited by poor performance. It is therefore paramount to have an investment strategy that is consistent with your tolerance for investment risk and that can continue to create a sustainable retirement income over the longer term. This is one area in which our advice process adds tangible value by monitoring risk, creating realistic income that lasts and managing tax. Let us demonstrate where this could benefit you.